Nabaja Land Corporation Mid Year Event

It was Saturday, July 17, 2021, when the Nabaja Land Corporation Mid Year Event – three in one event took place. It was a triple celebration of new office dedication, sellers’ recognition day, and raffle draw. 

The New Office Dedication lead by Pastor Jogli Tupas


CEO Jurry Nabaja with Antipolo Vice Mayor Josefina Gatlabayan.


For the second time around, Tasteful Catering provided the catering service for this mid-year event. For inquiries check out their Facebook page,

The Event Proper


Our hosts for the event, Eunice Dela Peña and Luis de Leon.


The event was opened with a Doxology lead by Simon De Torres and Mika Arquero.


Our CEO and founder, Jurry Nabaja for the opening speech. Here are a few excerpts from his speech.

“Today we have a lot to celebrate. We are celebrating our relocation to this BIGGER & BETTER building. Our new office design is the output of our hardworking and innovative Engineering, Planning & Design Department aka EPAD team. These young bloods worked hard in planning, executing and delivering this great design to our new office and will surely bring the same energy and enthusiasm as they deliver to our clients their dream home. I would also like to recognize our dedicated sales coordinators who tirelessly answer all of the realty’s inquiries. I want to take this time to thank our drivers for keeping our realty agents and our clients safe. I want to say thank you to our Accounting department, HR department, maintenance and security department, and all of the managers that are behind NLC. We appreciate all you do and what you continue to do. Today is a day we celebrate God’s goodness in our company. Lord, we thank you for allowing us to flourish even in this difficult time of pandemic. It only goes to show that You Lord can take care of us even when we have none.“

The Awarding Ceremony


Ms. Rachel Dalisay of Zonal Realty accepting her top sales award.


Ms. Vinni Mojica of B.D. Domingo Realty receiving her award as Top 1 Sales Agent with her husband John Rupert Mojica. 


Ms. MarissaDela Peña of Pollyland Realty accepting her award. 


All His! Giving all the glory back to God. 🙂


Their smiles say it all, our Mid Year event was a success, praise God. 🙂 


Having a great time, enjoying the entertainment and company of great people, this is Nabaja Land Corporation.


The nominees for the Queen of the Night, from the left, Pauline Rubenecia, Elaine Jan Gonzalez, and Princess Leah Biaes.


The nominees for King of the Night, from the left, Earvin Ilano, James Masaya, and John Vincent Nati.


The newly crowned King & Queen of the Night, Earvin Ilano & Elaine Jan Gonzalez awarded by our gorgeous sponsors from Medskin Clinic. For your skincare and wellness needs, check out their FB page & book your appointments now. : 

Meet the NLC Dream Team


The Admin Department  


The Sales Department  


The Accounting Department 

See you all at our next event, the yearend party. That is surely something to watch out for, so keep those sales coming, stay safe and healthy until we meet again. God bless everybody. :

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